👋🏽 I am Anirudh!

[Pronouns: He/him/his, they/them/theirs]

An engineer turned UX’er, my goal is to make people smile when they use what I have built. With a love for user research, I like to work with people who require increased accessibility.

The artsy type? No, the pragmatic type.💭 

Here are some of my projects.

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APP – dC

🏷️ Interaction Design, Product Design , Accessibility

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COEIT research website – A UX case study.

🏷️ UX Research

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🏷️ UX Design, Redesign

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You can find me on…

Interaction Design Foundation is my go-to place for all things UX.

A lot of designers recommended me to IDF. Apprehensive in the beginning, but reluctant to leave in the end.