By saving a drop, we create an afterthought…

TIMELINE: 2017 January – 2017 May

MOTIVE? To begin with, Water leakage is a major problem in many parts of the world and we wanted to use new age technology to connect with household to prevent water leaks. We achieved what we wanted within 5 full months.


This was the process followed for creating the system to detect water leakage


How do we tackle the problem of water scarcity?

We ran through a lot of solutions in the beginning of which a few that did not fit the scalability billing. while others only solved half the problem. Our goal was to connect the users to the system through technology to detect leakage. We did a lot of brainstorming, went through a lot of papers, checked out prototypes until we landed on a few solutions that appeared “Feasible”


Do we need to collaborate with someone? How can we go ahead with the said problem? What was our approach going to be?

All the ideas were collected and a basic flow was created. We decided to use CDAC (Center for Development for Advanced Computing) India’s equipment to build the project’s major functions.

The construction AND WORKING

What were the functional components needed to bring this project home and augment user experience?

  • Flow Sensor
  • Valve
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver

The transmitter continuously sends input to the receiver and through the code for the transmission modified by us according to the requirements, we detected leakage.


What can be done to provide the best user experience through our system?

Through the connection with Twilio, we ensure that an email and a text message is sent the moment a leak is detected. This prevents a scenario where there are prolonged periods of water leaks and not a single person in the house comes to know of it.

And the best part about the project? The user is alerted without the requirement to meddle with the equipment. All that is needed is a mobile phone. Saves time. Doesn’t it?

Every drop of water makes a mighty ocean…