Hello again! First of all, thanks for stopping by! You totally rock!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Anirudh Nagraj. I look at ways in which people can be helped through the juxtaposition of accessibility and the design process. User experience always been at the forefront of my thought process and studying in detail has made me approach complex problems with a bold approach.

My projects have taken me from blind schools to house-holds with acute water shortages to sitting on an office chair, working tirelessly on company projects, to sitting in a classroom again. But only this time, I ponder on how to make people’s lives easier through better design and providing brilliant experience through my efforts in the world of UX.

My other hobbies include reading books related to mythology, listening to music, and writing my travel blog, following a myriad of sports (Tennis, Cricket, Wrestling, Soccer, Golf, Formula 1, etc.,).

I believe that everyone has a story to tell. My story is just unfolding…

Always happy to connect!